Breakout Session III

Breakout Session Options:

  • Benchmarking Data in Oncology
  • Enhancing Leadership Competencies for Oncology Research
  • JIT Applications & Other Assessments: Are They Right for My Site?
  • Working Smarter: Data Transfer from EMR to eCRF
  • Understanding & Integrating Electronic Clinical Trial Documentation Systems
  • Cell & Gene Therapy Trials
  • The Impact of Decentralized Options in Oncology Studies
  • Strategies to Increase Minority Enrollment in Oncology Trials


Benchmarking Data in Oncology
How can we grow if we don’t know where we are? Benchmarking our data against our own, other sites’, and population data provides a baseline for improvement as well as understanding how we are (or are not) meeting the needs of our diverse patient populations. In this session, learn how you can effectively use benchmarking to improve your data trends and research program.

Wendy Tate, PhD, MS, GStat, Director, Advanced Analytics and Research Optimization, Advarra


Enhancing Leadership Competencies for Oncology Research
Quality improvement is an imperative in healthcare and clinical trials programs. Explore models and methodologies for quality improvement to evolve the leadership within your research program.

Dan Otap, CCRP, Alliance & Partnerships Lead, Genentech

Sandy Smith, RN, MSN, ACON, Senior Vice President, WCG Clinical
Kay Scroggins, BSN, 
President, CEO, Clinical Trials of Texas
Kerry Gorman,
Director, Strategic Site Solutions, IQVIA


JIT Applications & Other Assessments: Are They Right for My Site?
Being able to start up and open trials only after a patient is identified is an appealing concept on multiple levels. But is your site a good fit for this model? Identify what it takes to make this innovative approach possible and what you need to know to be successful.

Kathleen Hurtado, R.Ph, AVP, Office of Research, Administration, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Tonya L. Edison, Director, Trial Capabilities, CDD&A, Eli Lilly
Susan Night, JD, LLM, Vice President Site Engagement and Network Development, TD2
Filiz Seimer, MBA, CCRP,
Director of Clinical Operations, Deep Lens


Working Smarter: Data Transfer from EMR to eCRF
Data transfer is a required activity in clinical trial workflows, but how can we make it better? Explore options for integrating technology solutions to reduce redundancies and potential human error.

Angela Hirst, RN, Director, Site and Patient Services- Oncology, Ophthalmology and CNS, Syneos

Beverly Roy, PhD, Director, Oncology Research, Mercy 
Raymond Nomizu, JD, 
CEO & Co-Founder, CRIO


Understanding & Integrating Electronic Clinical Trial Documentation Systems
The future of electronic clinical trial documentation is here! Does your site understand the differences between Electronic Investigator Site Files (eISF) and Electronic Trial Master Files (eTMF)? Join this session to learn about common pitfalls and best practices in planning for these integrations.

David Vulcano, LCSW, MBA, CIP, RAC,
Honorary President, SCRS 

Rick Arlow
, Founder & CEO, Complion
Catherine Gregor, MBA, MA, Chief Clinical Trial Officer, Florence Healthcare


Cell & Gene Therapy Trials
Discover a new frontier of immunotherapy! Are you ready to access trials in the cellular and gene therapy space? Gain an appreciation for the novel requirements for implementing these trials and prepare your site for success.

Patrick Conley, MS, CBSP,
 NREMT, Director, IBC Operations, Clinical Biosafety Services

Jane Bentley, PhD, Vice President, Clinical Strategy- Oncology, Syneos Health
Daniel Kavanagh, PhD, RAC,
Senior Scientific Advisor, Gene Therapy, WCG Clinical
Steven M. Schmid, PhD, MA, 
Sr. Director, Laboratory Strategic Planning & Development, Clinical Trials of Texas , Inc.


The Impact of Decentralized options in Oncology Studies
There is an abundance of Decentralized solutions to gather and give participants options in clinical trials. In this session, learn how DCT options are currently impacting oncology studies and what they may be doing in the future as they become even stronger and more prevalent for lessening the burden on patients that are enrolled in oncology trials.

Nicole Stoffel,
Associate Director of Regional Operations Development, PPD

Michael Tucker, Managing Partner, Patient Cloud,  Medidata Solutions
Faith Holmes, MD, Sr. VP of Medical Affairs, Medical Director, Elligo Clinical Research Center


Strategies to Increase Minority Enrollment in Oncology Trials
Cancer trials have a high level of complexity, then adding another challenge to them is the enrollment of diverse and minority populations. We will discuss strategies that can help to increase and include diverse populations in clinical trials.  With diverse representation in oncology trials, we will have access to robust outcomes that are more accurate to represent more cancer patients.  Strategies that we will include are related to education, building trust, community-based healthcare providers on the front line, addressing health literacy, and including patient optionality. Racial and ethnic minorities can benefit from increased access to novel drugs in clinical trials, rather than waiting for drugs to become FDA-approved treatments, yet they aren’t participating this session aims to help move that needle.

Deena Bernstein, MHS, VP, Customer Success, Datacubed Health
Ana Marquez, MSF,
CEO, Clinical Site Partners, LLC
Lindsey Morales,
Sr. Manager, Site Centric Solutions, Labcorp Drug Development
Michelle Whyte-Purnell, BSN, RN, Site Partnership Manager, Sanofi
Jessica Moehle, CCRP, 
Director, Clinical Trials Office, Huntsman Cancer Institute



Location: See App for Room Location Date: May 21, 2022 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm