Breakout Session II

Breakout Session Options:

  • Methodologies For Site Staff Recruitment & Retention
  • Collaborative Insights In Phase 1 Oncology Trials
  • Navigate The Oncology Global Regulatory Landscape
  • Roadmaps For Integrating Novel Therapies
  • The Intersection Of Oncology Research & Technology


Methodologies For Site Staff Recruitment & Retention
*Human Resources

Retaining a skilled and motivated site workforce is paramount to advancing our understanding of cancer and improving patient outcomes. Whether you are a clinical researcher, site manager, or HR professional, this session offers a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions to create a thriving, long-lasting workforce dedicated to advancing cancer research.

Jeff Repper,
Executive Vice President, Strategic Site Solutions, Transformative Pharmaceutical Solutions

Lauren Ballina-Chang, MS, Vice President of Strategic Growth, Clinical Research, Fastrack
Amy M. Overby, Senior Director, Clinical Trials Office, Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University
Lisa R. Trevino, PhD, Vice President, DHR Health Institute for Research and Development


Collaborative Insights In Phase 1 Oncology Trials
*Business Development

Phase 1 oncology trial experts and newcomers will come together to explore the dynamic landscape of early-phase oncology research. Leaders from established Phase 1 oncology trials will share their experiences and insights to navigate the complexities of trial design, regulatory compliance, and patient engagement. Explore where the future of Phase I Oncology Trials is headed and what sponsors and investigators are doing to help operationalize the trials of the future.

April Coburn, BA, MLA,
Director, Business Development and Client Management, CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services 

Radhika Butula, MIPH,
Clinical Trial and Research Manager, Westmead Private Hospital, Ramsay Healthcare
Andrew Islas Jr., MBA, MSc, Oncology Research Program Manager, HonorHealth Research Institute
Claudia Hesselmann, PhD,
Founder and CEO, ARENSIA Exploratory Medicine


Navigate The Oncology Global Regulatory Landscape
*Legal & Regulatory

Our panel of esteemed experts will unravel the mysteries of international regulatory variations and discuss strategies for streamlining oncology clinical trials across borders. Gain a deeper understanding of the global landscape of oncology clinical research regulations and impact.

Almenia Garvey, MSc,
Sr. Director, Global Site Engagement, Oncacare

Blaine Maloney, MS, Associate Director, Central Site Services, Catalyst Clinical Research
Thobe Mthethwa-Pitt, MSc,
Trial Hub Senior Education and Quality Manager, Alfred Health
Gina Williamson, MBA, Digital and DCT Manager, Syneos Health


Roadmaps For Integrating Novel Therapies
*Pipeline Roadmap

These Breakout sessions will highlight the cutting-edge molecules and technologies that are revolutionizing cancer therapy. Our panel of experts will explore essential considerations in operations, technology adoption, human resources management, and financial strategies for oncology clinical research sites to effectively support the paradigm shifts in therapeutic pipelines. Engage in a collaborative discussion shaping the future of oncology clinical research.


The Intersection Of Oncology Research & Technology

Technological advancements have ushered in new opportunities and innovations in research. However, these innovations often outpace the preparedness and budgets of research site staff, leading to unforeseen challenges and potential risks. This session focuses on the challenges faced by research site end users, and how some of the biggest implementation challenges can be proactively addressed.

James Riddle, MCSE, CIP, CPIA, CRQM, 
Senior Vice President, Global Review Operations IRB | IBC | DMC | EAC, Advarra

Teena Kochukosky, MD, MS, AVP, Office of Clinical Research, Fox Chase Cancer Center
Brenda Noggy, RN, BSN, CCRP, CO-Founder & CEO, TrialNAV
Erika Siegrist, MS, RN,
Clinical Site Director, Luminis Health


Location: See App for Room Location Date: April 10, 2024 Time: 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm