Breakout Session I

Breakout Session Options:

  • eConsent: Progress & Concerns
  • Protocol Feasibility: Tactics & Tools for Success
  • Building an All-Star Oncology Research Team: Recruiting & Developing the Best Talent Possible
  • Hybrid Oncology Decentralized Trials: Critical Considerations
  • Trust-Building: Utilizing Your Data to Validate Your Site
  • The Future of Patient-Trial Matching & Inclusion
  • Recruiting with Intention: Building Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) at Your Oncology Site


eConsent: Progress & Concerns
Consent is a crucial process and eConsent is becoming more popular. How far along are we with eConsent implementation? What are the bottlenecks encountered so far? Is there a hybrid model that could hasten the pace of implementation? Join this session to receive answers to these questions and more.

Jolee Holt, MSN, RN, CCRC, Director, Oncology Site Community, PPD

Esther Howard, MBA, 
Head of Oncology Solutions, THREAD Research
Stephanie Abbott, PharmD,
Clinical Operations, Innovo Research
Andrew Mackinnon, PMP, 
VP & GM of eConsent, Medable, Inc.


Protocol Feasibility: Tactics & Tools for Success
Assessing the feasibility of a protocol for your site is an important task. Failure to assess the right sections of a protocol could cost you financially and impact future study acceptance success. Sites now have report cards, so it is important to set your site up to receive an A+ grade! Join this session to learn how to utilize your historical data and communicate constructively for successful study acquisition.

April Coburn, MA, Associate Director of Scientific Affairs – Site Activation Liaison, ICON

Tolu Adewuya, PhD, M.Med.Sci, Director, Clinical Operations, Javara
Jennifer Doraski, US Site Partnership Manager, Oncology, Sanofi
Felicia Irvin, MBA, 
Executive Director of Business Development, Centricity Research


Building an All-Star Oncology Research Team: Recruiting & Developing the Best Talent Possible
Talent is critical to a high-performing research site. Learn best practices utilized by other organizations in recruiting, retaining and evolving your organization’s competencies to create an “all star” oncology research team.

Sandy Smith, RN, MSN, AOCN, SVP, Clinical Solutions and Strategic Partnerships, WCG Clinical

Betsy Henk, CCRP, Director of Quality and Compliance, US Oncology
Lisa A. Switzer, MA, CEO, Executive Director, Western States Cancer Research
Alexis Shaffer, Sr. Business Development Manager, Clinical Research, Medix™


Hybrid Oncology Decentralized Trials: Critical Considerations
Digital innovations are here to stay, most immediately in the form of hybrid decentralized trials. While there are important considerations to be made from an administrative or process perspective, it is equally critical that we consider how patients will be affected. We will discuss how decentralized trials affect patient interaction, identify what a hybrid clinical trial is and outline the value of taking a hybrid approach to clinical trials so that patient needs are addressed?

Dan DeBonis
, Principal, Signant Health

Blake Adams, SVP, Marketing, Florence Healthcare
Tonya L. Edison, Director, Trial Capabilities, Lilly
Lisa Bjornestad,
VP of Clinical Operations & Growth, DM Clinical


Trust-Building: Utilizing Your Data to Validate Your Site
With sponsors and CROs having increased awareness of sites’ potential patient access, studies are no longer awarded solely based on site information forms or site selection visits alone. This session will help you understand the data sources that sponsors and CROs are using to further validate your site and provide perspective on what kinds of data you should keep and share to position your site for selection.

Susan Night JD, LLM, Vice President Site Engagement and Network Development, TD2

Catherine Gregor, MBA, CCRP, CCRC, Chief Clinical Trial Officer, Florence Healthcare
Jade Dennis, Senior Director, Design Hub Data Insights, Lilly
Beverly Roy, PhD,
Director, Oncology Research, Mercy Research


The Future of Patient-Trial Matching & Inclusion
A multi-stakeholder and high-touch approach is needed to move the needle on patient-to-trial matching on a large scale. Explore the future of scaleable trial matching efforts that are increasing and streamlining access to therapeutic trials for cancer patients.

Rosemary McQueary RN, Director of Research, QCCA Network

Jennifer Clauson MHA, Director for Strategic Research Partnerships, Tempus Labs
Kent Buhler, MBA, MS, Sr. Director, Operations Strategy Leads, Hematology/Oncology, PPD
Angela Fritsche, MPA, Operations Administrator, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center



Recruiting with Intention: Building Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) at Your Oncology Site
Learn how to not only open the door for diversity but to invite diversity into your site. This presentation will help you understand why diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is needed in clinical trials and give you guidance on building and measuring a successful program. Join this session to hear from industry experts who have succeeded in recruiting for diverse populations.

Kim Kundert, RN, BSN, Senior Vice President of Site Development Services, TOTAL Diversity
Rachel Corrigan, MS, 
Clinical Operations, EQRx


Location: See App for Room Location Date: May 21, 2022 Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm