Poster Session

The site voice is critical now more than ever and our community is doing
some truly amazing things to work on curing cancer.


SCRS is providing you an opportunity to share the exciting work your site is doing through a poster board. Details and timelines for this board are below, as well as the brief application.

Poster boards can be focused on anything your site may be doing to advance clinical trial efficiencies, innovation, or work toward cures. It could be scientifically-focused and/or feature recruitment methods, technology implementation, or anything else that is original, unique, and helps make the clinical trial process easier or better for patients.

Applications are limited to sites only.

Chosen submissions will be notified according to the below timeline and 2 complimentary 2023 Global Oncology Site Solutions Summit registrations will be provided.

Poster Requirements:

  1. The top 6 submissions will be chosen. Tack/Poster boards will be displayed on the far end of the exhibit hall, and must be staffed during all networking breaks by at least 1 team member.
  2. Fits, in any way, shape or form and is limited to fitting on a single sided 4×8 standing tack board. Recommended size is 3×6.5 feet.
  3. Be sure to include contributors/authors, institution name, and title
  4. Posters should be designed to simulate discussion with a goal of 20% text, 40% graphics, 40% space.
  5. Ideas should flow logically if sections are used. Use charts to illustrate data and high resolutions graphics.
  6. No more than 2-3 fonts and 2-3 colors. Should be legible and readable from 6 feet away.

Submission Timeline:

  1. Submission Deadline – January 13
  2. Selected Submissions notified – January 18
  3. First draft of Poster Proof submitted to SCRS – March 3
  4. SCRS Draft response with any edits – March 10
  5. Final Posted submitted – March 17
  6. Summit – March 31 – April 1

Submission Form:

2023 Poster Sessions
Organization Address *
Organization Address
Please provide the details of your innovation, scientific finding, recruitment plan, technological advancement, etc. Think to include who it affects, what it aims to do, when/timelines, where it is implemented and why it makes a difference, as applicable. This will be one of the primary sections determining eligibility.
How does this submission advance patient care, site efficiency, or clinical trial execution?

Required upload size: 33.55MB